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day to vote in the presidential race there. chavez has denounced the united states as "the biggest menace to our planet." he once called former president george w. bush "a donkey, a coward and an immoral person." anchor jorge ramos from our partner network univision is in venezuela tonight for the election, and i spoke with jorge just moments ago here. jorge, great to have you with us again tonight and president chavez finding himself in his closest race yet to hold on to power. >> reporter: absolutely. for the first time in 13 years president hugo chavez might lose the presidency. he hasn't been able to control inflation, crime, corruption, and for the first time all the opposition parties got together behind one candidate, henrique capriles, a formidable 40-year-old former governor. >> we al know that president chavez almost made it political sport to become friends with our own rivals in america but he also controls a significant amount of oil that comes to the united states. >> reporter: there is a lot at stake for the united states here in venezuela. on a personal level, we ha
that existed between israel and the united states was very unfortunate. i think also that pulling our missile defense program out of poland and the way we did was also unfortunate in terms of if you will disrupting the relationship in some ways that existed between us and then, of course, with regards to standing for our principles, when the students took to the streets in tehran and the people there protested, the green revolution occurred. for the president to be silent i thought was an enormous mistake. we have to stand for our principles. stand for our allies, stand for a strong military and stand for a stronger economy. >> mr. president. >> america remains the one indispensable nation, and the word needs a strong america and it is stronger now than when i came into office. because we ended the war in iraq, we were able to refocus our attention on not only the terrorist threat but also beginning a transition process in afghanistan. it also allowed us to refocus on alliances, relationships that had been neglected for a decade and governor romney our alliances have never been stronger. in a
. >> tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> tonight, the president practically boasted and slammed romney. >> when it comes to going after osama bin laden, you said, well, any president would make that call. but when you were a candidate in 2008, as i was, and i said, if i got bin laden in our sights i would take that shot, you said, we shouldn't move heaven and effort to get one man. >> mitt romney tried to undermine the president's bin laden triumph with a blunt line. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al qaeda, but we can't kill our way out of this mess. we must have a comprehensive strategy to help reject this kind of extremism. >> at the end both men had probably achieved some of what they'd come to do, project strength, demonstrate competency and get the debate out of the way so they can refocus on domestic issues where this election will be decided. the commander in chief debate although they did debate
salmon being linked to salmonella is being recalled here in the united states. >> this is perfecting. health authorities warn hundreds of people in that country and united states have been sickened after eating the smoked salmon. here in the u.s. it's sold at costco stores under the kirkland store brand name and this is by one estimate, one out of -- we've stip head here, cost tow pulled this product from shelves and the store says there is no independent confirmation and health officials say they're looking into it but only just begun z by one estimate eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. they don't know it this, expert says brau bra manufacturers trying to convince women their backs are smaller and breasts, bigger but what used to be a 36 d and now a 32 g what. do you need to do to get the right fit? >> this shutd be between your elbow and shoulder, if you're lower then it's too loose in the back. >> she recommends getting fitted and replace every six month autos stop by television rooms and chances are the sales person will try to sell you on benefits of a 3 dtv.
that the american people had expected that the president of the united states would be able to describe what he's going to do in the next four years, but he can't. >> he seems to be getting some traction with that argument, can you counter it? lay out exactly what president obama would do in a second term? >> sure. george, i think it's pretty clear, i make two points here, one, after a decade of war, both in afghanistan and iraq, the most important thing that we have to do now is bring american troops home and battle for america's future and strength at home. that's the most important point to be made and that battle means doing what has done from president clinton to president obama, investing in the education and training of our work force, investing in our roads and bridges to make we have the 21st century economy built on the 21st century foundation. and then third, investing in the reer as much and development so that we can stay competitive in the new technology and the fundamental research. making sure we have tax fairness where the middle class aren't taking the brunt of the tax system.
that we are still the prime target for terrorism here in the united states. and we know there are threats here. there's insider threat. >> reporter: customs and border protection, they're, on a weekly, monthly basis, catching terror suspects that we never know about? >> they may not put out the press release, but i'm going to tell you that it is a fact, that these things do happen. >> stand up, sir. >> reporter: back on the jet, the angry actor is lead away. pretend pengers deplane past drawn weapons. and the officers in charge cool off and reflect. are you wore ripped you are giving something away by showing us this? >> we still got a lot of secrets in our bag. you know, this is nothing compared to what we can bring on to an organized group of bad guys, whether domestic, international terrorism, whatever, that want to come and wreak havoc. we got something for them. >> put your hands up! >> reporter: here's hoping they never have to prove it. i'm bill weir for "nightline" in miami. >> "airport 24/7" airs tuesday nights on the travel channel. >>> next up, mothers speaking out from a place
toward the united states. here's what all of that means to you. the storm will carry hurricane-force winds, up to a foot of rain and the potential storm surge that could top out at ten feet. extreme conditions could begin as early as sunday and last for days, drenching the most populated part of the country. >> this storm, that is going to be impacting the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast monday into tuesday is going to be destructive, historic and, unfortunately, life threatening. >> reporter: a state of emergency has already been declared in maryland, d.c., pennsylvania, new york and virginia. the biggest fear? the storm surge. in places like atlantic city, it could get even worse because of a full moon and higher tides. people are batoning down the hatches, preparing for the worst, up and down the eastern seaboard. in norfolk, the navy ordered 23 ships to leave port immediately. on the jersey shore, people are stocking up on essentials, including those generators. and in new york city, major bloomberg warned he may have to shut down the subway because it might flood.
's why i'm running for a second term. as president of the united states. >>reporter: with 29 days to go and tightening race, the president delivers a fiery speech tonight in san francisc francisco. good evening everyone. >> the president is in san francisco tonight collecting a lot of money for the last few weeks of his campaign. he's also trying to the regain the momentum lost in a lack luster debate performance. lillian is live outside the bill gram pacific auditorium in the city where the president spoke to fired up crowd just a short time ago. lillian? >>reporter: dan, 4 million dollars. that's how much the president raised in san francisco in just one day. president obama appeared at the bill gram civic auditorium for the third final fundraiser of the day. objective, fire up the troops. >> hello san francisco. we are here because we have got some work to do. we are hear because we have got an election to win. >>reporter: this is mr. obama sixth fundraising from i hope to san francisco this year. i arrived at sfo before 2:00 p.m. . then headed straight to the intercontin
not backward. that's why i'm running for a second term. as president of the united states. >>reporter: with 29 days to go and tightening race, the president delivers a fiery speech tonight in san francisc francisco. good evening everyone. >> the president is in san francisco tonight collecting a lot of money for the last few weeks of his campaign. he's also trying to the regain the momentum lost in a lack luster debate performance. lillian is live outside the bill gram pacific auditorium in the city where the president spoke to fired up crowd just a short time ago. lillian? >>reporter: dan, 4 million dollars. that's how much the president raised in san francisco in just one day pres. president obama appeared at the bill gram civic auditorium for the third final fundraiser of the day. objective, fire up the troops. >> hello san francisco. we are here because we have got some work to do. we are hear because we have got an election to win. >>reporter: this is mr. obama sixth fundraising from i hope to san francisco this year. i arrived at sfo before 2:00 p.m. . then headed s
to companies that are skrefing here in the united states and creating jobs here. it also means we're helping them and small businesses to export all around the world to new markets. number two, we've got to make sure that we have the best education system in the world and the fact that you're going to college is great. but i want everybody to get a great education and we worked hard to make sure that student loans are available for folks like you, but i also want to make sure that community colleges are offering slots for workers to get retrained for the jobs that are out there right now and the jobs of the future. number three, we've got to control our own energy. you know, not only oil and natural gas, which we've been investing in, but also we've got to make sure we're building the energy source of the future, not just think about next year, but ten years from now, 20 years from now, that's why we invest in solar and wind and bio fuels, energy efficient cars, we've got to reduce our deficit but got to do it in a balanced way. asking the wealthy to pay more along with cuts so we can invest
that for trouble. >> in the united states navy chifry is not dead. >> and san francisco is hosting six sporting and social events this weekend. and there is hardly strictly blue grass festival. the giants open playoffs saturday night and there is whatever that you want to attend you're advised to get there, early. >> and i just wish there is something to do. >> i saw tourists posing for pictures and this is so nice. >> yes it's fun to appreciate what the military does for us. >> absolutely. we didn't have clear skies but there is good looking weather for what is happening. there is just checking them out this afternoon. here is a live picture from our south beach camera. you can see blue skies and clouds. good looking weather. there is another live picture. 76 the high today, normally there are 78 degrees so running close in the south bay there is a fog layer deepening to 3,000 feet now down to 2000. we've seen clearing here as you can see from san francisco bay. and temperatures now into 06s at the coast. there are 60s and 70s inland valleys. there is most of the bay area down, 20 degrees cool
hands where they belong. that is where they are to stay if i am president of the united states of america. >> former secretary of state colin powell officially enforced president obama just as he did in 2008. >> meantime, republican senate hopeful is trying a different approach to force democratic democratic incumbent feinstein to participate in a debate. she repeatedly refused. in the newsroom tonight we have more on what is the tactic. >> that is right. she took some lessons from hollywood and added some special affects, and put a mock debate if you can call it that on you tube. >> in this web video, her campaign challenges feinstein in a virtual debate. >> what have you done to address california's economic collapse? >> using special affects the g.o.p. candidate appears to be asking feinstein questions but the senator never responds. she says she's hoping this will lead to a real debate between the two. >> if you want to see a real debate call dianne feinstein today. >> she repeatedly declined to sit down with enkin. the senator walked away with an interview from abc 7's mar
on windows 8 and will be available we are hearing in january in the united states. and there is a milestone for google becoming the second largest tech company behind apple. shares grew 1% today as the stock reached to $50 billion. there is not too bad for two students who started this from stanford university. and just keeping it real. speaking of apple let rumors begin. the blogs are all abuzz today with word apple will officially launch that mini ipad. this month, reports say the event will take place october 17th with invitations next week. i hope i get one. no official word yet from apple. turning to stocks an earlly rally faded a bit on a retreat led by apple. your bloomberg silicon valley index closing down. apple is a factor in that as well as a decline from cisco and from yahoo. and also there is simon could you well teeming up with will-i-am to develop a tv show being described as x factor from tech. he says the idea to give young people a chance tochl press them selfs and the interest is apparently there. there are at your bloomberg studios in san francisco, that is your bloomber
this peaceful demonstration in santa clara denounces an antiislam film made in the united states. these protestors are upset with google decision not to remove a video clip available on you tube. the crude film titled "innocence of muslims" angered many, triggering deadly violence. these mothers say they support freedom of expression, but not what they consider hurtful bullying its not okay to tease and if it's deliberate and provocative, it borders on faith based bullying, boy say. >> they say do are just hoping google reconsiders a plea to take down the clip. >> officials are investigating allegations of anti-semitism in the university of california berkeley claiming officials failed to stop protests. they say a protest against the treatment of palestinians contributed to a hostile climate on campus. a spokesman says they're constitutionally protected free speech. >> and the new head of the california state university system, the 63-year-old replacing charles reed who is retiring. he women take over in late december, paid nearly $422,000 a year. >> if you're anywhere near the c
they war extradited to the united states from england. this is video of the suspects' attorneys leaving court this afternoon. here's the latest. >> radical abu hamza al massry stood in front of a federal judge, charged with having a terrorist training camp and kidnappings. >> he operated to have attacks carried out against americans. >> in the 1990s, poorts say al-masri turned the mask into a -- mosque into a breeding ground for the shoe bomber and others. >> he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad week in and week out to british muslims. >> al-masri fight extra edition -- extradition to the united states but hours after a british court denied the last of his many appeals he pass packed on to a plane bound for the u.s. awaiting trial with him are two other suspects accused of participating in the bombings of two american embassies in africa in 1998. 224 people died in those attacks, including 12 americans. two more men face the judge in knew haven. they reportedly used a connecticut internet service provider to raise cash and recruit and equip terrorist, including members of al qaed
be using technology to spy on the united states and recommends the u.s. government block mergers involving those companies and warns contractors and businesses to find alternative suppliers. and we should note in a statement that the report released today employs many rumors and speculations to prove nonexistent accusations and does not address challenges faced by ict industry. ict stands for information communication and technology. and remember that wasn't and for the camera? now, there is a nokia's head of smart phone marketing is out of a job. he had to apologize for this video. then accused of misleading customers we should note it's not clear and and htc may be the latest smart phone victim. the company posted a record drop in quarterly earnings. there is net profits totalling $133 million. and to put that into perspective it's the lowest quarterly profits. the share of the bloomberg smart phone market fell at less than 6%. it had 10% just a year ago. google is launching a credit card for businesses with lines ranging from $200 to $100,000 for customers of its ad words service. for n
undermine cooperation between the united states and china. a lot of tech titans have chosen to make san francisco their home and now, a few of them appearing in a new video urging stoit fix the long lines and for other problems take a listen. >> san francisco is the innovation capitol of the world and of this, and this and this. and this and this would with awesome to use technology to fix the problems they face every day. let's give it a shot. >> this includes twitter co-founder and air b and bceo and some other folks. they urge the city to fix problems of lack of wifi hot spots and making it easier to get a bus or a cab and this is to promotes his sf.city campaign, one of the hottest ipos is heating up, workday is boosting a price range for stock sales. now plans on selling $22 million shares at 24ses today $26 a piece down from from the earlier price range. that comes after there were strong debuts. as for markets stocks dropped after the international monetary fund cut estimates for global growth. shares of intel dragging this index down. and there is hulu plus adding nickelodeon, t
-thirds of the united states. the fierce winds at the center cover an area almost the size of texas. our extreme weather team is in the storm zone tonight and abc's weather editor sam champion starts us off right now from miami. sam? >> reporter: good evening, diane. tonight, sandy is running parallel to the florida coastline, but creating a stir in places really far north from here, like washington, d.c., states like new york, virginia, maryland, have all declared a state of emergency ahead of this storm. even the u.s. navy is taking this storm seriously, pulling 21 ships out of the harbor in norfolk, feeling they'll be safer in the open water than they will be bouncing around in port when this storm comes onshore. so, where is this storm going? let's show you the latest from the hurricane center, and you'll see in the track, it is still expected to run up the coastline, go out a little bit and then coming back in, making a sharp left turn on monday, toward the shoreline. spaghetti models indicate we don't exactly know where this storm will make landfall yet. we'll pinpoint as we get closer to this sto
it was important. i feel happy i brought everybody together in the united states. it's a great moment for americans. >> and this is part of a promotion by taco bell promising if a major league player stole a base everyone would be treated to a taco between tk and 6:00. he delivered 8th inning how could anyone forget. so people here started lining up at 9:00 this morning and this is at the taco bell to get a glimpse of pagon and yes to, get that free taco. this is not just me but the united states. . >> have a win for it. >> that is what i'm talking about. yeah. coming up at 5:00 i'm going to settle this. is it angel? or angel? he told me, but you've got to watch. in the meantime, some people here want to say something... they're ready for that parade tomorrow. and i am live... in redwood city, with a few fans. there you go. >> yes. just a few. >> that is a great promotion. you get one taco. not as many as want. >> that is what they're waiting for. >> sponsor got some earlier. >> it was muy caliente. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have clear skies and fog and low clouds at the coast and
is a major problem in the united states. especially here in the bay area. tonight we'll take a look at what that is all about. leah is a college graduate with a bright future, they began live in a dysfunctional family battling drugs and violence. >> the third time i ran away from home was age 14. i met my first trafficker. >> leah was vulnerable. the man who exploited her knew what to do. >> say things like i love you more than your parents do. you know? and i didn't feel loved by my parents because of the things i'd experienced it wasn't hard for me to believe that. >> soon leah was part of a gruch girls driven over california and nevada to be sold for sex. the man who said he loved her now said she was worthless. >> i believed the lie that in that life i would be in that life because that is what pimps tell you. >> leah suffered four years after bus, physical and mental. >> you have to disassociate yourself. it's traumatizing. >> the district attorney says leah's story is shockingly common. the bay area is a hub. >> we're talking about what's happening right here in our street. with our c
'll be telling you flights cancelled already. this is really going to impact the eastern half of the united states. >> leigh, residents on the eastern seaboard are already bracing for the storm's impact. millions are being warned to get somewhere safe and to stay put. reporter: images that speak for themselves. hurricane sandy has that yet made landfall in the u.s. but its fierce winds and rain still are making travel difficult in ocean city, maryland. maryland has already declared a state of emergency. after being briefed by federal officials on the movement of the storm, president obama had this to say -- my main message to everybody involved, we have to take this seriously. my message to the governors and the mayors is, anything they need, we will be there. >> many or heeding the warnings, from north carolina to maine. >> i don't know what to expect at this point. we had irene here, had winds of 80 miles-per-hour sustained, and that was -- >> forecasters fear sandy could u-merge with the cold front, bringing up to a foot of rain in parts. heavy snow could also be possible in the appalach
to run down an officer. it happened in san francisco's bring sidio on lincoln avenue. united states park police officers say they saw a man trying to break into a car. when they tried to stop him, police said he got into another car and then tried to run the officer down. police fired at the suspect, but he got away. lincoln boulevard was closed while investigate -- while officers investigated that. san francisco's suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will find out tuesday if he keeps his job. the mayor suspended america after he pled guilty to charges in march coming from a domestic dispute with his wife on new onw new year's eve. he will keep his job unless nine supervisors vote to fire him. so far most supervisors have been mum about how they will vote tuesday. >>> this morning occupy protesters are camped out at city hall had after police decided in the middle of the night to allow them to stay. it always havoc pooer protesters were in city hall last year. the group plans to stay there until at least noon today. about ten protesters remained after police left the scene about 1:00 this mo
of the united states, and they worked together on a very important and significant tax reform. we believe that it's time for that again and that you can do that working across the aisle. obviously governor romney, if he becomes president, would hope to have republican majorities in the house and the senate, but you would have to work across the aisle, and we believe it can be done and there are six studies that show it can. >> but the promise that takes precedence and i do want to move on is about not increasing the deficit. you heard robert gibbs talk about big bird and the targeting of big bird by governor romney. coming out of that pbs cited poll showing it's the most trusted public institution and it only takes about 0.01% of the federal budget and not seeing big bird show up. was it a mistake to target him? >> george, it wasn't a targeting. it was a, you know, just pointing to one example. as you know, governor romney would move us toward a balanced budget with a 5% cut in nonsecurity discretionary spending and eliminate a number of perhaps and consolidate a number of others. i think
outside the united states to ease the pain of the election. >> the a's are celebrating still. >> larry beil is here jie. absolutely. they have tickets. >> what a way to finish up the regular season. more on the party for the green and gold and the triple crown winner who is waiting for them next. sports is coming >>> good evening. the oakland a's had sole possession of the first place for one day in 2012. today. the last day of the season. the winner take all versus texas. and the coliseum was electric, soldout. 36,000 plus. the rangers jump out to the early lead. soto with the base hit. murphy built a 5-1 cushion. the key play rally is on. two outs and should be the end of the inning. a flyball and josh hamilton and drops it. two runs in and oakland would erupt for six runs in the inning to go up 7-5. hamilton lost in the sun or something. griffin gave way to a lights owl bull pen -- lights out bull pen. and then in the eighth, you will get nothing and like it. the a's busted it open in the eighth. doubled with a bases loaded and make it 12-5. in the 9th his own personal cheering sect
security request from the united states embassy in libya months before a deadly attack. last month ambassador stevens was killed. three other americans were also killed. the new e-mail is from may, it shows state department officials turned down a request for a dc-3 plane meant to help the security team move safely through libya. >>> president obama and mitt romney will campaign in virginia today. it is the second time in eight days both candidates have campaigned in virginia on the same day. mr. obama stopped yesterday in wisconsin he told the crowd he didn't debate the real mitt romney wednesday. accused the republican nominee of glossing over policy stances to improve his chances for november election. mitt romney says he was just completely wrong when he commented to wealthy donors about the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. romney told fox news last night that his life has shown he cares 100% about people. >>> mitt romney's wife ann has been booked as a guest host on "good morning america" next week. she will fill in for robin roberts who is on extended medi
, the southern united states and in contra costa county. about one in ten bats tested in california during the course of the year test positive for rabies in california. this man had contact with the bat earlier this year and traveled to europe where he became ill and died, actually in switzerland in late july. here is how public health officials describe what happened to this man. >> in mid september an acquaintance called contra costa public health and indicated there had been an incident in late march of 201020 of in the south part of -- 2010 of in the south part of contra costa county where a bat was flopping on the ground and acting weird. another individual picked up the bat with a plastic bag. the gentleman who died of rabies went over and stuck his hand in the plastic bag and most likely was bitten. >> reporter: had this man notified the county or contacted a doctor he would have received rabies vaccine and we are told he likely would have survived. the initial bite from a bat is akin to a bee sting so the man may not have thought it was serious. in this case the health department
a march and rally to demand end to united states military action. traffic restrictions are in place near the hotel and at the civic auditorium. complete live team coverage of the president's visit starting at 4:00. >>> meantime, the president's republican challenger mitt romney is focusing on foreign policy. today he said mr. obama's failure to protect american embassy workers in libya led to the death of ambassador chris stevens last month. >> reporter: mitt romney shifted his focus today to foreign policy. >> the tax on our consulate on september 11th, 2012 was likely the work of force as fill ed with those who atack our homeland on september 11th, 2001 this latest assault can't be blamed on a reprehensible video insulting islam, despite administration's attempts to convince of us of that. >> reporter: the romney campaign is trying to reverse the tide on this issue. the republican contender used today's speech to keep up his criticism of the obama administration. romney had a swagger. he's riding a wave of momentum after last week's debate. latest poll taken after the denver show count
, in a job like this, the last thing the president of the united states needs when he walks in the door to come home is somebody who is drilling him and questioning him about the decisions and choices that he's made. so, there are definitely times when i may feel something but i'll hold back because i'll know he'll either get to that on his own or just not time. >> reporter: outside the white house, there is always lots of chatter about how much is the first lady influencing policy? how do you see your role in that regard? >> i rarely step foot in the west wing. in fact, people are shocked when they see me there but rarely walk in that office because the truth is, he's got so many wonderful advisers, so i don't even have the expertise and the time in to be able to provide the kind of advice and guidance that he's already getting. >> reporter: i guess always the pillow at night if you really feel passionate about something. win or lose this election, she says, she's come to love the job she was so reluctant to pursue. not only are you the first lady but you have a historic role as the fi
that the united states is in striking distance of its missiles. today's remarks are in response of south korea's announcement of a deal with the u.s. to triple the range of its missiles. the north says it shows the allies are plotting to invade the country. >>> a travel nightmare seems to be over this morning. alaskan airlines says that flights are running close to normal after a fiber optic outage shut down its ticketing system. that forced the cancellation of nearly 45 flights. more than 130 other flights departed. but some were delayed as long as four hours. nothing worse than being at the airport and you can't go anywhere. >>> time, now, for weather from across the country on this tuesday morning. cooler than normal, with a morning sprinkle from boston down to new york. thunderstorms around orlando and miami. also, a mix of rain and snow in northern minnesota. showers around minneapolis and green bay. moving later into chicago and kansas city. >> 60s in the midwest. and 70s from albuquerque all the way to boise. >>> when we come back this morning, one of the worst cases of hoarding ever. w
and counting until the presidential election. and tonight, more on our series with the first lady of the united states. my co-anchor, cynthia mcfadden, back for that. we got a little taste of michelle obama at home, last night. tonight, you two go on the road. >> we do, indeed, bill. on the road, with veterans and their families, among the hardist hit. michelle obama said before her husband ran for president, she knew little about the struggles of military families. but people she met across the country so touched her, she's devoted to taking a difference. we went to florida with her for our series, "the contenders: family ties." we're waiting on the tarmac at jacksonville, florida. it happens, as you might expect, with military precision. >> and salute. >> reporter: a line of officers, waiting to greet her. >> i'm probably like most americans, where my connections to military life was pretty tangential. most americans, like me, they don't have a clear sacrifice these men and women have made. >> reporter: her husband is campaigning on the ending of the war in iraq. but as that happens, the war
can cause friction and sometimes smoke recall affects more than two million autos in the united states. all made from 2005 to 2010. so far no crashes or injuries have been reported. >>> federal officials issuing a warning to drivers who have had air bags replaced in the past three years counterfeit air bags might not inflate. the fake air bags mostly installed at independent repair shops. nhtsa says the best thing to do is contact your dealership. for more information go to abc7news.com click on see it on tv. >>> if you are going to the coliseum tonight wonder if you have to worry about thunder other than the fans cheering. >> loud noises from the 35,000. it was interesting last night one of those stray showers got a little aggressive. we have video, lightning lit the sky above the peninsula last night it continued across the bay over night especially peninsula across the santa cruz mountains towards the coast we spotted six strikes in one hour from this view. if you were with us this morning it continued until 9:00. there is still another chance, let's look outside now, open up the we
feeling like an empty nester. >> the very first morning that the girls from the united states were here and we were all going to -- i can't believe i'm weeping over target and bed, bath and beyond. but the morning we were all getting dressed to go shopping for their college dorms, i mean, i -- it's -- the moment it hit me. >> reporter: it's been a journey, too, for oprah. her cable network own has struggled. but recently, it's enjoyed a ratings uptick. >> at first, i was sort of bogged down and if you had asked me this three months ago, i probably would have had a different feeling about it, like, ah, it's so challenging. now, i can see the light. i look at it as though i was climbing kilimanjaro and i was just -- had my head to the ground and one foot in front of the other. now, i can see the summit. >> reporter: isn't that nice? >> i can see the summit. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in washington, d.c. >> "the first graduating class" oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls" airs sunday on own. >>> and just ahead, we stick out the weirdest looking critters in all the
. one of those who will give remarks today as i said is libyan ambassador to the united states and the man state department has chosen to investigate thomas pickering will address the crowd. california senator feinstein, congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the slain ambassador as will former secretary of state george shultz. those with spoke to say is a fitting tribute. >> i served two years in prague. i appreciate all he did. >> he was just a wonderful person. he joked we could call him your excellence yensy when he became ambassador. he was the last person expected to be treated differently. >> he treated people well. >> that woman was a close friend for more than 20 years. she flew in from washington, d.c.. the family going to have a private ceremony later this month in grass valley where christopher stevens was born. thank you. >> we're streaming the service on our web site abc 7 news.com. there, you can find a link to learn more about ambassador stevens and leave your messages of support. >> a top aide says the president feels he is the man responsible for
between the united states and libya to help you, the libyan people a you chief your goals. the libyan people to achieve their goals. >> his brother talked about the last time they said goodbye several months ago. >> now that it is time to say goodbye, i don't see any reason to deviate from that custom. so my big brother, my best friend, i will see you next time. >> on september 11th, stevens was killed during a terrorist raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. three other americans also died. among the speakers was the libyan ambassador to the u.s. who said stevens stood with the libyan people during their revolution against qaddafi. >> we are sorry we cannot protect the diplomat who came to help us in a critical time. >> christopher stevens was a participant. he was a full, strong, effective participant in his beloved democracy. >> among those offering condolences are residents who are part of a facebook group. >> i wanted to come and represent the people. i bring all of the good wishes and the gad feelings from the group. >> as part of a legacy they want to improve relations
to continue the great work we've started. building a solid prime minister between the united states and libya to help you the libyan people people libyan beam. >> reporter: the service attracted political dignataries and stevens' immediate family. his brother talked about the last time they said good-bye several months ago. >> now that it is time to say good-bye i don't see any reason to deviate from that custom so my big brother, my best friend, i'll see you next time. >> reporter: september 11th, stevens was killed in libya, three other americans also died among the speakers was the libyan ambassador to the u.s. who said stevens stood with the libyan people during their revolution against qadhafi. >> we are again sorry we could not protect this professional diplomat who came to help news a critical time. >> reporter: the family has established a fund to promote improved relations between the u.s. and mideast. the ambassador's ashes will be intern -- interred with ancestors in the town where he was born. >>> shifting gears, san francisco is a finalist to host the super bowl in 2016 or '17 at
. these are the people that are left behind and are reflecting the united states. and it has got to be that there's more sense of oversight on the part of the military and the u.s. government to make sure these contractors are not actually undermining the diplomatic mission by their behavior. >> reporter: jorge scientific says it agrees, the behavior on that video was unacceptable and says it has fired our placed on leave all those involved. and, following questions from abc news, the u.s. army's criminal investigation division opened an investigation into what the video showed. and they might want to ask why, for months, authorities in the u.s. military did not seem to know it was going on. terry? >> outrageous, brian, thank you very much for that. and kudos to the whistle blowers there. >>> just ahead, we will turn the page, lightning up. from doughnuts to coffee to beer. this year, everything's coming up pumpkin. we find out why pumpkin flavored products are causing such a craze. [ mthis is steve.] he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or j
answered saying the united states should have done more. he said rest petedly, we are four years closer to a -- he said repeatedly we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. >> maybe it is smaller now than any time since 1917. >> the president: we also have fewer horse and bayonets because the nature of our military as changed. >> the two did find common ground. romney applauded the killing of bin laden. both said they oppose deck u.s. military involvement in the efforts to -- oppose direct u.s. military roplt in the efforts to topple syria's president assad. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> coming up on 4:36. alameda county sheriff's office will release more information about a woman who was found dead inside a burning castro valley home. crews put out this fire in 20 minutes last thursday. while fighting the fire they found the woman's body inside. investigators declared the fire and death suspicious. today we expect to learn the victim's name and more about how she died. the home is owned by a retired firefighter but he is not considered a suspect. >>> san bruno council will vote on a
the united states navy was back then? >> reporter: fact checker sides with the president reporting the navy is not smaller. when the president wraps up in florida he's heading to ohio mitt romney in nevada his rally gets underway in an hour. tonight he parties with kidd rock in colorado. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> last night's debate didn't make as big of an impact on social media as the previous two match-ups. 6.5 tweets during last night's debate compared to 7.2 million last week. 10 million during the first presidential debate. among the topics most treated last night president obama's comment about horses and bayonets. that was in response to romney saying we don't have as many navy ships now and the president's response. and we all love teachers a comment made by moderator bob schieffer. >>> two celebrities may be about to make announcement that will rock the presidential election. donald trump says he will reveal what he is calling very, very big about president obama tomorrow and isn't hinting about what that might be. trump endorsed mitt romney. he may have to share headlines wi
will select the next president of the united states, and that means go time for the candidates. they will be on the campaign trail until election day. today the president shooked hands and kissed babies in florida. mitt romney rallied the crowd with paul ryan in nevada. both candidates attacked one another for statements made in the debate. >> governor romney look you right in the eye, look me in the eye, try to pretend that he never said let detroit go bankrupt. >> he is reduced to defend characters on "sesame street" and word games of various kind and misfired attacks on one another. the truth is attacks on me are not an agenda. >> after the debate mitt romney's son, tag, took the opportunity to apologize to the president. tag told a radio station last week he wanted to jump out of his seat and take a swing at the president during an earlier debate. a romney spokesperson says tag was just joking. here is the latest poll from the abc news and the washington post. the candidates are separated by .07 of a percent. that's 91,000 people out of an estimated 140 million voters. >>>
interview with a man whose jet ski broke down right off one of the busiest airports in the united states. he swam to shore and then breached security, just as -- just so someone would find him crossing the runways. he went in front of motion detectors. the big question is, why didn't he raise any alarms? why did he go undetected so long? >> that is something. jim avila talked to him. >> really amazing story there. >>> we've talked for a few days about the big wedding. now, we have new pictures from justin and jessica's big day. you can see justin jumping for joy there. what he did at the wedding that had grown men weeping when the couple tied the knot. we'll tell you coming up. >> for a supersecret wedding, it's not supersecret anymore. >> lots of details coming out. >>> let's get to the tropical storm sandy. she's poised to become a hurricane as early as today. pounding parts of the caribbean with relentless rains and winds. the storm's perhaps tracking right for the northeast. sam? >> today's the day. we watched sandy move across jamaica, cuba and haiti with 20 inches of rain. now we've ta
, united states marine corporal nicholas kimmel. probably not a household name but he lost both arms, i'm sorry. both legs and his left arm if afghanistan. he threw out the first pitch tonight. there is a paramedic in los angeles nearly beaten to death before the start of the first game at the end of the first game of the 2011 season. so a lot of people and tauss being -- causes being recognized inside of the stadium tonight. >> thank you so much. how about that pablo sandoval, huh? it made him a popular guy in san francisco and a national hero in his native convenient swaila. president chavez tweeted about him. larry beil is more on the day after. >> thank you. >> whatever pablo is eating i want some. consider he's done that in only 14 games. the panda hit just 12. power surge propelled giants to a victory in game one making for a very busy night because his phone would not stop buzzing. >> were you hearing after that game? >> 300 text messages. so saying hi to people. you know? during the game. the friends, the family. you know? to be part of this. >> now, pandas three world series ho
for the united states and it is likely to affect the airlines. >> you want to do it with a great guy. >> the provocative new political ad that some a >>> the world's oceans are already facing an extreme threat from overfishing, but an equally severe problem is just getting attention. the oceans are turning more acidic and it is happening fast. that's bad for the animals who live in the water, of course, but as you will see tonight, it could also be very bad for us. it is staggering, really, but only 5% of the ocean has been explored. that's enough for scientists to know there is trouble underwater. the same fossil fuels polluting the air are also making the ocean more acidic. >> it has incalculable risks associated with it. it may overshadow global warming. >> silvia earl is one of the most represented marine biologists. she was named a living legend by the library of congress. she founded the company that builds submersibles that explore the ocean. she is a fellow at the academy of sciences that shot this video. when it comes to ocean research, silvia is the gold standard. and she s
in a decade slams into the eastern united states, whipping of winds of nearly 100 miles an hour and 30-foot waves and some 60-some million americans in its path. the superstorm 1,000 miles wide leeches the island of manhattan cut off, under water and in the dark. forcing hospitals to evacuate even the smallest patients. in a beachfront community in queens, firefighters watch helplessly as a neighborhood goes up in flames. and two governors declare states of emergency as the megastorm hurtled north and rescuers searches for survivors with tall ships gone down. >> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran in main day, new jersey. bill weir in erie, pennsylvania. and cynthia mcfadden in new york city. this is a special edition of "nightline." "the perfect storm." october 29th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden in new york. tonight, a deadly storm unlike any this city has seen before. for the first time since 9/11, all bridges and tunnels leading in and out of manhatt hathattan closed down. the city remains eerily dark and quiet tonight after a massive superstorm left ha
they were extradited to the united states from england. aaron has the latest. >> the radical person stood before the judge facing federal charges of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon and kidnapping 16 tourists in yemen, two americans. >> very dangerous individual. a person who has not just inspired, but actually worked operationally, so it's charged, to have terrorist attacks carried out against americans. in the '90s, the prosecutor said he turned the mosque into a breeding ground for extremists, attracting men like the 9/11 terrorists and including richard reed, the shoe bomber. >> for over a decade he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad and probably terrorism week and week out to thousands of young british muslims. >> he fought extradition to the united states while jailed in britain for inciting racial hatred and encouraging them to kill anonymous leams. he was on a plane and bound for the u.s. a waiting trial with him are two other suspects accused of participating in the bombings of two american embassies in africa in 1998. 224 people died in those attacks,
york city yesterday just hours after they were extradited to the united states from england. aaron has the story. >> the radical person stood before the judge facing federal charges of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon and kidnapping 16 tourists in yemen, two americans. >> very dangerous individual. a person who has not just inspired, but actually worked operationally, so it's charged, to have terrorist attacks carried out against americans. in the '90s, the prosecutor said he turned the london mosque into a breeding ground for extremists, attracting men like the 9/11 terrorists and including richard reed, the shoe bomber. >> for over a decade he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad and probably terrorism week in, week out to thousands of young british muslims. >> he fought extradition to the united states while jailed in britain for inciting racial hatred and encouraging them to kill anonymous leams. -- to kill anonymous let mes. he was on a plane and bound for the u.s. a waiting trial with him are two other suspects accused of participating in the bombings of
in the united states, they tend to be, well over 90% of the time, at the hands of a parent or a relative. >> the backpack apparently contained a water bottle with the child's name written on it. >>> it was a wild scene to close out sunday's big nascar race at talladega. on the final lap, defending nascar champ tony stewart made his move trying to protect his lead. it ended up triggering that. it amounted to a 25-car pile-up. tony stewart caused a pile-up. he took the blame. saying it was his fault. fell low driver kyle busch talked about it later. the outside lanes were going by us and it got to turn three and the wreck ensued. so hopefully tony's all right and everybody that got banged up here. so it's good to come out unscathed and have the car be in one piece. >> that's a lot of collateral damage. tony stewart and the others were okay. jeff gordon who finished second said it was the craziest finish he'd ever experienced at tall day da, calling it bumper cars at 200 miles an hour. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> man, unbelievable. >>> and some lighter news now, chocolate vanilla swirl ic
of the united states! [ cheering and applause ] >> outside there were about 75 protesters including anti-war activists, and a handful of tea party support chanted four more weeks. a live report from amy hollyfield coming up in 30 minutes. >>> the race appears to be tightening at this point. mitt romney gained popularity and votes following the debate wednesday. a poll of registered voters shows romney has reached his highest personal popularity of the campaign his favorability rate something 47% compared to 51%. president obama's rating 55% see him as favorable compared to 44% unfavorable. new pew poll shows mitt romney leading president obama among likely voters romney with 49% compared to 45% for the president, romney's biggest gains are from women voters. the race is adding more pressure to the vice presidential debate. watch it live here on abc7, thursday starting at 6 p.m.. former president clinton will be in the region today he's scheduled to appear at a campaign event at uc davis where he will endorse four northern california candidates for congress including incumbent mcinnerney.
at pier 80 the work is just beginning for oracle team united states a their flagship 72 foot yacht is in pieces after a practice went awry yesterday afternoon. >> sue hall in the traffic center. live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights on big problem is eastbound san mateo bridge overturn blocking two lanes and alert in effect more >>> good wednesday morning october 17th. live look on the embarcadero san francisco no traffic there the skies look clear on our way to very warm day. >> where are the cars? >> i don't know, sleeping in, getting ready for the giants game in afternoon. that's probably what it is. thanks for joining us, glad you are awake i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. first the forecast in the bay area. maybe getting thunderstorms there for the game. >> that's in st. louis with breezy wants the rain hasn't started yet it is on the way. clear skies, we drop to the mid 50s at our coast upper 50s throughout the morning 60s and 70s by noontime around high mid 70s at beaches around the bay once again cool in the 50s to start out, you will be in the mid to upper
, the president of the united states has led with a steady hand and clear vision. governor romney, the opposite. the last thing we need now is another war. >> congressman ryan? >> we mourn the loss of these four americans who were murdered. when you take a look at what's happened just in the last few weeks, they sent the u.n. ambassador out to say that this was because of a protest and a youtube video. it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. and in his speech at the u.n., he said six times, he talked about the youtube video. look. if we are hit by terrorists, we're going to call it for what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detachment guarding him. shouldn't we have a marine detachment guarding our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew there was an al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. they first blamed the youtube video, now, they are trying to blame the romney/ryan ticket for making this an issue. with respect to iraq, we had the same position before the withdrawal
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